Elegant South African Restraunt - Italian Flare

Elegant South African Restraunt - Italian Flare



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Pure. Elegant. Bright. AND plenty Green.

I love this mix of the very traditional parquet texture, the vernacular crafted bar stools and the back drop fine liqour. Theres a sense of tranquility. A place to relax, chill and enjoy some free time. It just looks like a restraunt where you can also enjoy a fresh breath of air.  

The green leaves, the sun and the soft pure white walls brings about a very uplifting feel to my spirit. I would love to check out this place on my next trip to South Africa. 


Have any of you guys been to this place, or know someone who has?

Share your moments, your thoughts, your feels on the comment section below. 



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“Maxine Frith reports on the fight for London’s Urban Oasis”

16|10|2015 Evening Standard,

Today on my way back from Covent Garden, I took the southern railway train and picked up the Evening Standard that laid next to me. My eyes immediately locked on to this article as I saw the words – Thomas Heatherwick, Lambeth and Building Bridges.

I have always idolised Heatherwick’s designs from the rolling bridge to the new red route master bus and when I saw his new design for a bridge that connected south London (Lambeth) to Central London (Westminster) I was quite impressed. 

This bridge, if built would be a massive turning point for London. It looks futuristic, very green and I feel as if I would want to walk through that bridge everyday and enjoy the atmosphere. We as humanity have been destroying many wildlife as we remove plantation and trees from the earth for our own needs. It would be a good idea to plant and flowers and vegetation and maybe even trees on a bridge. Usually bridges are well known to amass co2 emissions due to public transport. This bridge would be the opposite. The plants would give us fresh oxygen to breath in exchange for the co2 that we would emit. 



I have been thinking, well more like procrastinating for many months if not years to begin documenting aspects of my life, which I hold on to passionately. I am easily distracted and can go off in a tangent in life and can find it very difficult to even say that these passions of mine are truly aspects. However, the subject that I know for a fact that has been on my mind for many years whether for a good reason or a bad one, is Architecture. Another subject that has come to mind that would be very relevant to my life is my disease of laziness and how that maybe very related to my brain fog and procrastination. But for the meantime, I will ignore that subject. Quite ironic I guess.

I have studied Architecture for 3 years at university, looking at spacial design, technical detail, culture and history. I did a lot of model making, sketching and a lot of research on architects some new and some known to me since studying GCSE’s. I remember wanting to become an Architect when I was around the age of 15. Its amazing how time has flown; I’ll be hitting 23 in a few months time. I believe that the story of Moses and him being a city Planner/Master Architect was a possible trigger point of me becoming an architect, but I don’t quite remember. I wish I did. Nether the less, I remember being very good at Art and becoming better and better at Maths with the help of my Tutor Dr Michael Shute whilst studying for my GCSE’s. I remember researching a lot on careers and concluding with one of the options of being an Artist the other being an Architect. I think robotics was another option, but no matter how much I loved and tried hard at Physics, I could never get a good result in the subject. Maybe deep in side I knew I loved architecture and saw no point in continuing a subject such as Physics at A level where there is very little relevance.


I’ve had a very strong interest in Anime/Manga (Japanese cartoons) since the age of Pokemon and Dragonballz. This grew deeper as the years went by. Till this day, I love to watch all sorts of genre in Anime. The culture, history, comedy and action and most certainly there Art has been infamously aspiring to me. This has most definitely alluded me to have a infinite amount of love for anything Japanese. The way of the samurai, truly amazing. Maybe it’s the masculinity and warrior like nature is what attracts me. The endless amount of kung fu action films I watched as a kid with Dad is something which has built the foundation of my love for the Japanese culture. This love found its way into Arhitectrure, and my love for the likes of Tadao Ando and Fujitora.